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Our days are spent shopping the showrooms in all the buildings in the LA Fashion District. They include The Cooper Bldg., The New Mart, The Lady of Liberty Bldg., The Gerry Bldg. and The California Market Center. Additionally, you can also find us scouring the streets in and around The Santee Alley for “value” price points.


In addition to our daily LWWF!Today reports you will periodically receive our NEW RESOURCE, TREND ALERT, VENDOR UPDATE and HOT ITEM reports.


We continuously shop all the newest and best stores in LA and offer
escorted shopping days at an additional daily rate, so you can see the best of LA retail easily and efficiently.


We extensively cover the LA Shows five times per year and attend all the major Las Vegas shows including MAGIC, PROJECT and POOL in addition to ENK, CAPSULE, ACCESSORIES THE SHOW, MODA and CURVE.



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After working with LWWF!, my sales increased due to the unique items they reported on. No other store carries what mine does, and my customers love it!
Parker Mead
Parker Studio